United States Immigration Visa For EB-5 Investment Program

What is EB-5?

  • EB-5 program, standing for Employment Base Fifth, is the safest and fastest way to obtain the United States (U.S.) Permanent Resident Cards for foreigners by investment.
  • This program was initiated in 1990 by the U.S. Government in order to improve many underdeveloped and unemployment areas in the country. In 2003, the U.S. Government licensed projects under Regional Centers to attract the investments from many countries in the world, including Vietnam.
  • Every year, the U.S. Government issues 10,000 EB-5 visas, 3,000 of which are indirect investment via the Regional Centers (with an investment of USD 900,000/petition).The rest is direct investment (with an investment of USD1,800,000 /petition) flows into the United States.
  • In particular, with the mode of indirect investment, the investors will be returned their investment in cash or shares with annual interest.
  • The process of approving the EB-5 petition and issuing the U.S. Green Card usually takes from 1.5 to 2 years.
  • After 2 years possessing Conditional Green Cards, the investors will be assisted by USIS’ attorneys to file I-829 petition for removal of conditions. Then the investors can obtain Permanent Green Cards.


5 yes

  • Lowest investment
  • The most affordable (lower than the cost of study abroad)
  • Fast Green Card process (about 2 years)
  • The highest rate of approval compared to other settlement programs (92%)
  • The procedure is simple and the fastest

5 does not

  • No English required
  • Does not require business experience
  • No educational qualification required
  • Do not bind to live in the US
  • Do not require direct business operations

9 get

  • Freedom to live, work, trade anywhere in the US
  • Freedom to enter the US
  • Dual citizenship
  • Family sponsorship
  • Pay back 100% after 05 years
  • Maintaining jobs and assets in Vietnam
  • Exemption of primary and secondary school fees, university tuition is equal to 1/3 compared to international students
  • More business opportunities
  • Enjoy the benefits of a US citizen

EB-5 Investors’ eligibility

Having financial capability and desire to become U.S. permanent residents/ citizens
No age limit
No foreign language requirement
No request of having own business or experience of business administration
No request of daily direct management of the investment.

Sources of fund for EB-5 investment

The EB-5 investment (USD 900,000 or USD1,800,000) may be originated from:
  • Profit of business
  • Personal income: salary, donation, inheritance, etc.
  • Sale of real estate, stocks, shares, etc.

Types of EB-5 investment

  • Direct investment: Establishing one brand new business, merging and acquiring operating businesses, expanding subsidiaries or business branches. With this type, an investor invests an amount of USD1,800,000 and create ten (10) full-time jobs for U.S. citizens or U.S. permanent residents within two continuous years.
  • Indirect investment: An investor invests through a Regional Center an amount of USD900,000 into  a company or a project approved by the U.S.  Government.

Conditions to become U.S. permanent
residents for EB-5 program:

  • The first issued Green Cards for family members valid within 2 years
  • Getting rights and benefits as U.S. permanent residents
  • After 2 years, USIS’ attorneys will be authorized to file Form I-829 for removal of conditions to get Permanent Resident Cards. 5 years later, they get naturalization to be a U.S. citizen
Project CMB-64 Hillwood Rialto & Sycamore I
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Steiner Redevelopment project (phase 3) lies on Brooklyn Naval Yard (US government project). The project aims to redevelop the South West area of the Port into a new commercial and industrial center, including light industrial plants, retail centers, Wegmans food marts and parking lots.
Hilton Chicago – Rockford Cityhub Conference Centre Hotel Project (Warren Buffett)
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2nd Phase Of LynkNYC Project Overview With The Investment From Google
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Investment Project For The Infrastructure Of Texas CMB 53, L.P
Hillwood Development Company has entrusted CMB to perform a fundraising up to 48 million dollars of EB-5 capital to serve as the loan for Project Group 53.

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