EB-5 Projects


  •  EB-5 total funding:  up to 17 million
  • Investment condition:  6 years loan with interest
  • Total development cost:  $ 109,343,345
  • Available investment quotas:  up to 34
  • Jobs opportunity creation:  340
  • Jobs opportunity expectation:  460

Project Details

a. Hillwood York:

  • Located in Orchard Business Park (Phase II), New York City and Pennsylvania State, on the northeast corner of Highway 83 and Canal Street.
  • Hill Wood York will be developed into an A- class logistics center with an area of ​​ around 72,464 square meters.
  • The joint venture between Hillwood and Kinsley will have the land plot ownership (Kinsley is now the land owner).

b. Hillwood West Deptford:

  • It will be the base of modern time industries, and be located at West Deptford, New Jersey, in an area of 27.94 hectares, adjacent to Exit 19 on highway 1-295.
  • The project site is near the highway 1-19, NJ Turnpike and highway I-76, having easy access to major residential areas in the northwest.
  • WestDeptfords will become an A-class logistic facility with an area of around 71,535.3 square meters.
  • Hillwood will assume the activities on the site, including land clearance, facility build-up, interior decoration works and building management task.

Overview on jobs creation:

  • The estimation on necessary direct workers, indirect worker and prospective workers will be based on the RIMS II model.
  • Group 55 will respond to jobs creation requested to every investor only based on it’s in need indirect workers and prospective workers.

Capital costs and indirect jobs creation costs (Estimated)

Total cost $109,343,345
Indirect workers / prospective workers 460
Jobs creation for group 55 340
Over scored Jobs creation rate 35,3% (120 jobs)
Numbers of works created for each person 12,12

Project progress

a. HillwoodWestDeptford :

  • Start of construction: Between the end of the first quarter and the beginning of the second Quarter of 2017
  • Construction complement: The fourth quarter of 2017

b. Hillwood York:

  • Construction started in the first quarter of 2017
  • Star of construction:  The third quarter of 2017
  • Construction complement: The third quarter of 2017


Hillwood Development, LLC:

  • One of the top 10 real estate companies in the United States, recognized through its huge properties development projects and public / private investment funds, and has secured many awards and appreciation from renowned real estate business organization.
  • Has constructed and developed more than 23,000 apartments in over 70 locations throughout the U.S. and Costa Rica.
  • The initial investment project of Hillwood, Alliance Texas, has attracted more than 220 businesses to take part, having created 28,000 employments and exploring   over 2.87 million square meters of propriety since 1990.
  • 20 EB-5 Partnership with CMB (Group 55 will be the 21st)
  • The previous 15 projects have got approval Form I-526
  • The project has maintained an 100% approval rate.

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