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United States Immigration Visa For EB-5 Investment Program
EB-5 is a US government investment program initiated in 1990 that calls for foreign investment and creates jobs for US citizens; With a $800,000 investment in the program, investors and families will be granted green cards to settle in the US.
Non U.S Immigration Visa L-1
U.S. Non-Immigrant Visa L-1 is a company internal migration visa, that is, an employee of an international company transferred to a parent company, branch office or the same company in the United States or acquired company operating in the US. This international company can be a US company or a foreign company.
Family Base
In 10 years of developing EB-5 immigration field in Vietnam market, USIS Group has received a lot of attention and suggestions from customers about the development of relative guarantee services. is living in Vietnam to cross with his family in the United States.

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