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Hillwood Development Company has entrusted CMB to perform a fundraising up to 48 million dollars of EB-5 capital to serve as the loan for Project Group 53. The purpose of the loan is to finance and bridge-finance, and if necessary, to support the construction and development of Project Group 53. CMB has undertaken to provide this capital through its Group 53 infra-structure investment partnership.

The CMB Group 53 loan which consists of 48 million dollars will be combined with an additional investment of approximately 127.3 million dollars from the capital related to the project, increasing the overall construction capital to approximately 175.3 million dollars. The CMB Group 53 project also plans to create roughly 1,164 job offers which meet EB-5 standard.

Project Details

Florida: Cecil/AllianceFlorida Department Store, Jacksonville, FL

Dựa án EB5 CMB group 53

In 2014, CMB and Hilwood negotiated to use the EB-5 CMB investment capital in the construction and development of land package A of AllianceFlorida. Land package A is the 47,380-meter large industrial logistic building which is using the EB-5 capital through a loan from a partnership ratified by application I-526, CMB Florida Group 26 (Group 26) infra-structure investment project.

Land package C:

Land package C will be built in the form of on-demand distribution facility, located on the land at Alliance Florida Industrial Park. This project consists of the construction and development of Rank A inter-port logistic facility approximately 92,000 square meters in size. This 14.3 hectare area lies between Normandy Blvd., a state highway, and 103rd Street; both are all modern 4-lane divided expressways.

Land package D:

Land package D will be built in the form of modern distribution facility, located on the land at Alliance Florida Industrial Park. This project consists of the construction and development of Rank A inter-port logistic facility approximately 37,812 square meter. This 14.33 hectare area situates at the North West corner of New World Avenue and Waterworks Street. New World Avenue is a modern 4-lane divided highway, and Waterworks Street is a modern 2-lane road possessing continuous

Illinois: Joliet logistics company, Joliet, Illinois – Distribution center 1:

Joliet distribution center 1 will be a modern distribution facility located in Joliet logistic Park. This project consists of the construction and development of Rank A inter-port logistic facility approximately 92,219 square meter. This 34.34 hectare area located on South Chicago Street at Joliet, Illinois. South Chicago Street is a modern 4-lane divided highway. This location is highly rated, having street connected to Interstate 80 Expressway.

Pennsylvania: West Hills business center, Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania:

Trung tâm kinh doanh West Hills, Thung lũng Lehigh, Pennsylvania

Since August, 2012, CMB and Hilwood have discussed the use of EB-5 investment capital in the construction and development of industrial/logistic park West Hills Business Center (WHBC) located at Lehigh county, Pennsylvania. Phase I of project WHBC is currently using the EB-5 investment capital through a loan from a partnership ratified by application I-526, CMB Pennsylvania Group 33 infra-structure investment Project, LP.

F building:

WHBC consists of five storage/logistic facilities in total, approximately 213,676 square meters. Thanks to increasingly successful logistic corridor and the high demand for logistic storage in the region, Hilwood decided to expand West Hills Business Center by adding the F building. Upon completion, this building will be a large facility approximately 31,215 square meters. The construction of this facility will meet Rank A standard, and locally connect to large land-based transporting routes such as I-78 and 863 Highway, and the cargo airline facilities at Lehigh Valley International Airport, Allentown, Pennsylvania.

Advantages of CMB 53 partnership:

  • We cooperate with government agency, public/private partnerships or high quality private development units. These units take responsibility for refunding loans.
  • CMB Group 53 partnership is established in the form of investment loan lasts for 6 years. This form of loan brings simple retreating strategy. If the loan is returned, has no other public / private obligation, and anyone involving in EB-5 are approved by I-829 application, the partners can vote to liquidate partnerships and capital in private accounts will be released. No need to sell off any assets.
  • Combining the capital of CMB Group 53 with public and private ones will create an investment capital that can create lots of job offers far more superior to USCIS’ demand.
  • All parties expect lucidity, and all EB-5 CMB partnerships always guarantee the presence of this attribute. Limited partners joining the EB-5 CMB partnerships always have the right to access partnership files and necessary projects.
  • Our loan is transferred at the top company in USA and this loan is partially assured by sales commitment from the project.
  •  CMB Group 53’s project development area is located where there exists a high rate of unemployment, therefore meets the TEA standard, as a request from USCIS to reduce the investment capital contribution.

Safe and sound:

CMB Group 53 loan will be partially assured by the combination of currency flows from sales and/or facilities’ activities. Hilwood, being the lender, has conducted many similar projects and become successful across America.


Partner: Hilwood Development Company:

Hilwood is one of the top ten real estate developers in the United States and is recognized through grand scale projects as well as public-private joint ventures. Hilwood was awarded with prizes from many trusted real estate commercial organizations. The company is famous for large, unique, influential projects to the community which became top sites for residents and clients to live and work there. A clear example of Hilwood regarding the development capability in massive business environment is almost 90 companies in Fortune 500, Global 500 or Forbes’ List of Top private companies chose Hilwood’s building to establish facilities.

Being the developer, owner, and property manager, Hilwood has offered many services to enhance life values and help companies and homeowners save money through its work.

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