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Great Wolf Lodge in the State of Georgia is a combination of its brand standards which contributed to the success of GWL in the past. Together with its leisure facility, the project’s new features expected to raise customers’ experience and average customers’ time of accommodation and attract a variety of customers. This is one of the biggest resorts in North America, also the only indoor water park in Georgia.

Project Details

Project EB-5’s attribute (approximate value)

Total EB-5 Capital: US$72 million

Project Cost: US$200 million

Total Indirect jobs/ preliminarily unexpected foreseen jobs:  2.701 jobs

Indirect employment surplus/ arise: 87.6%


a. Favorable position

Great Wolf Lodge located in LaGrange city, Georgia. This project owns the most favorable position in this area because it has convenient views, easy way getting into the federal road, great support from the municipal government and the territory. This location is also a strategic position which is close to many big cities such as Atlanta and Columbus. 

The place of this project was greatly deserved to invest because Atlanta is a capital as well as the most populated in Georgia. Being a cultural and economic center of area, a home to 6.4 million people, and the 9th largest urban area in Canada.  Besides, LaGrange city was ranked as a 7th largest Micropolitan in Canada in 2014. In addition, it’s the ideal place for many big companies in the list of Fortune 500 to situate their headquarters. 

b. Strategy project as well as great scale of construction

This project has raised funds up to 72 million USD from the CBM Southeast Group 51, LP infrastructure investment project. After completing construction, the resort will include a 456-room hotel, an 8,700 square meters indoor water park, and a 4,028 square meters family entertainment center. Furthermore, the resort has corridor which connected towers with cone-shaped roof, spa, fitness center, climbing wall, gift shop, food stores and drinks. 

This place will be one of the biggest Great Wolf resort in North America also the only one indoor water park in Georgia.  This project has been qualified for the TEA standards 

c. Support from the city authorities

Especially, to support this project, The LaGrange authorities and Troup territory will support 17 million US Dollars through direct tax exemption for necessary construction of infrastructure to finish the project. GWL will not only attract a huge number of visitor but also getting considerable revenue for LaGrange city.

Project progress

  • Development and before construction activities has begin
  • Construction activities plan will be start on third quarter 2016
  • Expected to be completed on second quarter in 2018


Main contractors - Turner Construction Corporation

Turner is an international investment headquartered in
North American, was established in 1902 that specialize in big scale project such as aviation, transportation, trade development project, urban infrastructure, hotel project, and stadium. Having 5,200 employee, 10 billion USD turnover for more than 1,500 project a year.

Project management unit - Great Wolf Resort, Inc.

Great Wolf Resort was founded in 1997 by two brothers operating a combined water park resort in the city of Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin. The park was taken over by the Great Lakes Company in 1999, later renamed Great Wolf Resorts in 2012. The company was bought by Apollo Global Management for $ 703 million. Apollo Global Management is a US private joint stock company that proud of their 162.5 billion US Dollars property, and ownership of famous properties such as Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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