Overview On Investments Projects Of The Federal Reserve Of The United States Of America

EB-5 Projects


Kansas City of Missouri is prepared to welcome a new icon of the city: The Federal Reserve of District 10, which was once the second largest US Reserve and the main office of former President Harry Truman, will be fully renovated into a Hilton Hotel complex in the "The Embassy Suites" segment, garage parking and a large Data Center for the city. The renovation project has the strong financial support from the federal and state governments of the United States.

Following the success of more than 30 projects developed specifically for the EB-5 program, AII Law Group has become the unique pioneer in the US highly experienced in negotiation, acquisition, and development of historical sites into large apartments buildings and commercial areas. AII Law once again set its heart on reviving the icon of power of the United States, to become the economic symbol of Kansas City. The project has got the great investment interest of local authorities so much so that The Mississippi Development Regional Center has approved the project.

Project Details

THE GRAND RESERVE - A staggering revival from the US Federal Reserve of District 10, the nation's second-largest power symbol for 100 years, became the Embassy Suite Hotel with 21 floors owned by the Hilton Group and The Data Center of Kansas City, Missouri, where  houses a large number of government agencies’ headquarters and is one of the six most active real estate investment markets in the United States.


• Getting financial support from the Government up to 45% of the total value of restoration.

• Safest and most flexible reimbursement structure in the market.

• Safe investment structure: EB-5 accounts for 25% of the total investment.

• Jobs creation exceeding the required 20% objective.

• EB-5 Reimbursement Priority Funds   exceed 100% of EB-5 investments.

• The project has a financial contribution to the EB-5 investor without waiting for project revenue to be generated.

• Investing into Historical Buildings, investors will be prioritized for reimbursement.

• EB-5 Historical Buildings renovation and development experts team has started working since 1991 to date, with over 20 years experiences in the immigrant investment sector.

THE GRAND RESERVE - The HILTON group owned condominium complex, has become the new icon in the Kansas City Business District, the most dynamic city in the heart of the United States.

Project scale:

• Total area: 548,588 sqf (50,965m2)

• Total investment: US$157.5 million

• Total job creation: 805 jobs, exceeds by 20% of USCIS requirements.

Information on Project EB5  :

• Total EB-5 projects: 65 projects, equivalent to US$32.5 million.

• Each EB-5: US$500,000 per investment.

• Project Management Fee: US$50,000.

Flexible refunding plan:

• Refunding 70% of the total investment  after 3 years.

• Refunding the remained 30% after two consecutive years.

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