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SEF's replacement has been approved
On 06.04.2023 the Council of Ministers approved the decree-law that established the replacement of the Foreigners and Borders Service (SEF)
Immigrate to Portugal and Necessary Things To Prepare
On the southwestern tip of the European continent, there is a country with a very good life, possessing many landscapes that are rich and diverse with a rich history and a heroic and resounding people, boasting its own identity, a harmonious country both antique and modern, that is Portugal. At there, people enjoy a prosperous life, comfort, high and stable income so Portugal now offers many choices as a destination to migrate. If you want to settle down in Portugal, let's find out what we need to prepare to live in this beautiful country.
Easier Chances For Portuguese Immigration Than Ever
Portugal is a developed country with a unique and prominent culture among the countries in the Southwest Atlantic of Europe. With a high quality of life, this country has become a destination for many immigrants who want to live in Europe for a long and prosperous life. According to many studies, Portugal is currently the 4th country in the peace ranking and 19th in the quality of life and health care compared to more than 200 countries in the world.

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