Why choose Usis?

Residential investment consultancy, 100% success rate and is the first consulting firm in Vietnam that has clients receiving a return on their EB-5 project.
Being the first and only residential investment consulting firm has office in the US & in four major cities of Vietnam.
Being the first and only residential investment consulting firm to become a member of IIUSA - Invest in the USA.
Being the first and only company to invite Governor and Chairman of the Board of Governors of the United States to present the EB-5 program.
Experienced professional team (investment, business, law, ...) have many years of living & working in USA
As a pioneer company deploying support services after customers achieve green card; this service is highly appreciated by 100% customers.
Only in conjunction with leading and reputable partners, therefore projects are safe, feasible, and spread across the United States.
A team of experienced, professional, transparent & always "treat customers like relatives".

What has USIS Investment done?


Have helped hundreds of Vietnamese families realize the dream of becoming a global citizen.


Has helped hundreds of children to receive the highest quality education in the world and saved more than $5.5 million tuition


Always accompany and bring added value to all clients through useful seminars about the US Integration Guide Book, Tax Policy, and Business Investment in the US.


Success from strategic partners of USIS Group (up to July 2017)

  • More than 7100 green cards have been issued
  • Returned 304 million USD for EB-5 investors

100% of customers surveyed were highly appreciative and satisfied with the services of USIS Group.


USIS Group is the first company in Vietnam that has clients receiving a 100% return on their EB-5 project.

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