2nd Phase Of LynkNYC Project Overview With The Investment From Google

EB-5 Projects


This is one of the most important and technological breakthrough projects ever conducted by New York administration. Successor of the metro-station wireless-network infrastructure construction project, the LinkNYC project Phase II is the next stage of infrastructure development strategy of New York city.

The entirety of New York city will be installed with over 7,500 smart connection nodes called “Links”, allowing users to access the Internet 24/7, have free phone call to everywhere in USA, interact with a smart touchscreen to access the Internet as well as various Government services, maps, roads, 911 emergency call, free high-speed charging stations for mobile devices. A large digital display advertisements and public announcement services.

A land-based transmission network will be built, providing the fastest Wi-Fi, which is also the largest and strongest in the world, to millions of residents and tourists at New York.

Project Details


  • Total development cost: $404,000,000.
  • Investor: CityBridge.
  • Fund from EB-5: $157,500,000 (equivalent to 315 cost per unit)
  • Estimated job offers: 4,165 (over 32% compared to those described in USCIS’ regulation)
  • Refund date: Flexible, as soon as investor get the approval from form I-829.
  • Construction starting date: Already begun on December 30, 2015

Advantages of the project:

  • Members of this project are USA’s top corporations like: Google, Qualcomm, Intersection and Comark.
  • The project is President Obama’s top priority; in his memo he wrote "To promote the deployment of broadband infrastructure”. This project greatly benefits the community and plays an important role to the government.
  • The project makes profit from advertisement platforms which broadcast 24/7 on digital displays of connection nodes; from top companies of US which have advertisement contracts with the project such as: P&G, COCA-COLA, AT&T, GAP, GM, CITI BANK, MICHAEL KORS, LEVI’S, PARAMOUNT, SAMSUNG, CADILLAC, NESTLE, AMAZON…
  • The structure of the project is completely different compared to other EB-5 projects around the market, as the EB-5 investors will be prioritized to get refunded as soon as there is an approval of form I-829.
  • This project is being promoted to include the infrastructure owned by New York city administration, and is considered to be an important technological discovery of the city government.
  • The EB-5 investment capital will be reserved in escrow account, and will not be used for the project until there is an approval of USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services).

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