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EB-5 Projects


Harwood NO10 is a high-rise office building project constructed on a 1.06 acre site located in the north of the urban block bordering North Harwood Street, Randall Street, McKinnon Street and Hunt Street.

Harwood International has commissioned the CMB to raise EB-5 funds up to US$24 million for the construction project. The purpose of the financing is to support the new construction of an office building in Dallas, Texas.

Total cost of the EB-5 project for the Harwood NO10 project is US$83.2 million.

Project Details

Prime location

Harwood NO10 will be located in the planned Harwood District. Harwood has been attempting to gradually transform the entire business area’s neighborhood to Dallas residential district since early 1980s.

Located in the prestigious metropolitan area of Harwood District 18, the project can boast a list of prestigious residences such as Rolex, The Boston Consulting Group, Emirates Airlines, Jones Day, Prologis, Frost Bank, MoneyGram International, The Northern Trust, Amegy Bank, and the Fortune 500 company HollyFrontier Corp.

The project is within walking distance of the Crescent and Ritz-Carlton hotels, American Airlines Sports Center, Woodall Rodgers Deck Park, Perot Museum of Nature & Science, the Arts District as well as many renowned   restaurants and cultural spots.

Classy design

The ground floor of the building will cover an area of approximately 836.13 square meters of retail space and restaurant with adjacent gardens and seating. These gardens will also appear on the 10th, 16th and 17th floors. The top of the building covers an area of 929.03 square meters space opened for offices, shops and two green gardens, offering a 360-degree views of the Dallas skyline and its residential district. The car park lot will be located from floor 2 to floor 9 with approximately 615 parking spaces.
When the construction works get completed, the facility will include a full-service art gallery, 5-star personalized service, private health club, 24-hour security service , FedEx and UPS post box, as well as car wash forwarding  services. This office building will also include a "terrace garden" on the 10th floor and at the balconies  areas of floor 16th and 17th ("sky terrace") as well as green space and in-door greenery on  floor 22 (floor for suites).

Advantages of the project:

• The advantages of each EB-5 CMB are in its foundation structure, and this is again applied to CMB 49:

• We are working in partnership with government agencies, public / private partnerships, or high quality private developers. These agencies are responsible for loan repayment.

• The CMB Group 49 is developed as a six-year investment loan. This loan structure provides a simple retreat strategy.

• The combination of the CMB 49 funding with public/private capital will provide an enormous investment capital that can generate jobs exceeding the USCIS requirement.

•Transparency is a characteristic that all parties is expected to possess. And this feature is always ensured in all EB-5 CMB partnerships. The EB-5 CMB Limited Partnership partner always has access to necessary partnership and project documentation.

• Our loans are made with leading US company and will be partially secured by the project's revenue commitment.

• The CMB 49 project development area is located in an area with high unemployment, thus meets the TEA standards as required by USCIS to reduce the investment capital contribution.



Harwood International is an international real estate company, a globally recognized contractor that builds the best in design, location and quality, and creates a culture of that work. Harwood International designs, builds and operates all of its buildings.

Harwood International's leading position is based on international experience, renowned architecture, precision finishing and a focus on energy efficiency as well as green space. The company has received numerous design and community awards, including recognition from the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for creating the most energy efficient buildings for the nation.

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