Non U.S Immigration Visa L-1

What is Visa L-1?

L-1 is a visa granted to foreigners who are working for a U.S. company outside the U.S. or an international company with a branch in the U.S. The processing duration for this is from 4 (four) to 6 (six) months.

Benefits of L-1 visa holders

Visa holder may open a branch or a representative office in any state in the U.S
Visa holder and dependents (spouse and children under 21 years old and single) are granted working and studying visas in the U.S. up to 7 years
Visa holder may get free education from U.S. public schools. Tuition in colleges and universities is likewise applied as U.S. citizens (equivalent to only 1/3 of the cost for foreign students)
Reap the same benefits as U.S. citizens'
Visa holder and family members have chance to get permanent green cards after 1 year of living, working or studying in the U.S

EB-5 Investors’ eligibility

Having financial capability and desire to become U.S. permanent residents/ citizens
No age limit
No foreign language requirement
No request of having own business or experience of business administration
No request of daily direct management of the investment.

Sources of fund for EB-5 investment

The EB-5 investment (USD500,000 or USD1,000,000) may be originated from:
  • Profit of business
  • Personal income: salary, donation, inheritance, etc.
  • Sale of real estate, stocks, shares, etc.

Qualified L-1 applicants:

  • He/she is in the management level and has a special skill or knowledge valuable enough to be transferred to the U.S
  • He/she works as a manager at the same company/subsidiary/branch in the U.S
  • He/she has been working for the current company for at least 1 (one) year within the past 3 (three) years and was invited by the company to work for a period in the main office or its subsidiary
  • He/she needs to demonstrate the relationship between the Vietnamese and U.S. companies.

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