EB-5 Projects


The Vender, Colorado Group 41 Project is going to apply for 2 loans with 24.5 million dollars for 2 project of invesloper Integral: 22 million dollar for Cherokee project and 2.5 million dollars for Chestnut project.

The Cherokee project: the project is to construct a high-end block of apartments with 18 floors, multi-function at the central the golden triangle of Denver, which is one of the most attractive urban areas and the central culture in West Ame rica. This project consists of 49 studio apartments, 141 one-bedroom aparments, 76 two-bedroom apartments and 8 facade houses.

The Chestnut project: The project is to construct a residential complex with 108 apartments locating at River Park/ Union Station, a strongly growing area of Denver. The key commercial area Omaha includes many parts: hotel Marriott with 333 rooms, parking lot, a modern apartment building, commercial center with 1.765 sqm and facade restaurants.

Project Details

Brief description of the project terrian

The commercial area Denver is one of the most desirable destinations for young dynamic generations looking for an area with characteristics of culture and youthful urban lifestyle, cultural comforts and thriving technology. In addition, Denver is a city having largest urban park system in the country with 205 inner city parks.

Cherokee Project: Located in the unique area, the heart of the Golden Triangle which is close to the economic and cultural center of Denver city. This area is highly appreciated for attracting talents and have a great influence on Denver city.

The Chestnut Project: Located next to the historic area Union Station, which is the traffic hub as well as the commercial development center: restaurants, stores, offices, houses and cities. This is the only affordable residential building at Union Station area. The Chestnut project is near the tram system of Denver and the tram service of Amtrak area.

Guarantee to complete commitment

The CMB Group 41 Project is committed to completion by Integral Holdco, LL

More job creation than required:fádf

The Government Fund

The Chestnut project received aid about tax credit from Low-Income Housing Tax Credit sponsored by Denver City Government, Denver Office of Economic Development, and Colorado Housing Authority. The capital structure of Group 41 – Denver Colorado project is as follows:


Project progress

Cherokee Schedule

  • Starting investment activities and construction
  • Predicting to complete all construction activities in the first quarter in 2017

Chestnut Schedule

  • Starting construction activities
  • Predicting to complete all construction activities be the of the fourth quarter in 2016


The invesloper of Group 41 project consists of 2 groups:

Integral Development, LLC – is a group specializing in real estate and related services at major markets throughout the United State. Integral has such an investment experience up to 5 billion dollars in planned urban areas, transit constructions, and multi-functional project in the country. Integral has been the main investor in many large-scale projects which is mainly about multi-family project, house for elders, students, as well as, retails, offices, travel, parking and other infrastructure projects. By the long-term and special relationship with the government agencies, Integral has worked cooperatively with public organizations through public-private partnerships in order to invest capital and resources for infrastructure projects, as well as, planned areas all over the country.

Wanxiang America Real Estate Group is the real estate unit in the United State of Chinese car component manufacturer Wanxiang Group Inc. Wanxiang Group Inc is the car component manufacturer which has the head office located in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, China. According to the revenue, this is the largest car equipment company in China. Wanxiang America Real Estate Group has invested in over 60 projects throughout the United State since 2010. These investments mainly include office buildings, shopping centers, warehouses, residences, medical facilities and houses for students.

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