EB-5 Projects


Project Group 67 is located in Scottsdale, to the North East of Phoenix in Arizona, The United States. The resort project includes indoor water park, restaurants, souvenir shops, spa services, gym, children’s playing ground and other services.

Project Details

1. The strengths:

  • Investment on the biggest water park resort in The United States
  • Continuing the successful cooperation between GWL & CMB
  • The project started on 19th January 2018
  • Money for the project is ready
  • Investment from development office
  • Jobs are expected to be 3 times higher than the minimum number of jobs
  • The project is located in one of the fastest and strongest developing area in the United States
  • This is the only indoor water park in Arizona

2. Location

  • The project is located in Project Group 67 is located in Scottsdale, to the North East of Phoenix in Arizona, The United States. Phoenix is the 12nd largest city in The United States.
  • The project is located near the highway 101, in the centerline.
  • Numbers of cars passing the project is 197,700 per day, 72 million car pass annually.
  • Location will be able to increase in 6-hour-driving diameter around the area. There are about 24.4 million of people are living in 6-hour-driving diameter from the location


3. Capital structure

  • Total EB capital: $40.500.000
  • Total cost for the project: : $155.994.000

Total indirect/unexpected jobs calculated from development and building cost: 1.058

Total backup jobs: 31%

4. Project Schedule

  • Pre-building activities started.
  • Building activities will start in the first quarter of 2018.
  • Expected to complete building in the fourth quarter of 2019.

5. Investor

Great Wolf Resorts, Inc, the head company of Great Wolf Lodge, constructed resort integrated with the biggest indoor water park in North America. The company is running some resorts with the name Great Wolf Lodge. The company is running 15 resorts situated in different cities in The United States.

6. The project team:

  • Mortenson Construction: Participating in constructing of 85 projects, the construction management for project Fields at Talking Stick.
  • Water Technology Inc. and Neuman Group: Design, technology and indoor water park construction. 40-year experience in water park construction. Designed all of the GWL project before.
  • Gensler designing Inc.: Design 50 hotels all around the world, include many GWL projects


  • CMB is a center with more than 20-year-experience and it is one of the oldest centers in the United States. Currently, CMB is managing 11 regional centers in 18 states and in Washington D.C.
  • CMB is a pioneer in EB-5 field and it is the first regional center introducing the pooling of capital and job creation methodology to investors only based on the number of direct and indirect job creations. CMB’s ideas are using wildly by other regional center in EB-5 field until now.
  • More than 5,200 EB-5 investors are from 90 different countries.
  • More than 4,200 I-526 application of CMB EB-5 participants were accepted by USCIS
  • More than 900 I-829 application CMB EB-5 companies were accepted
  • All capitals were repaid to 11 investing companies including 60 limited partners.
  • In Vietnam, USIS Group was the first agency to have the customers being repaid EB-5 capital from CMB regional center on the 10th of January 2018   

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