EB-5 Projects


Denver Tower, Colorado - A spectacular change from a more than 100 years historic city, turning to the top modern convenience tower building of the Colorado community, the second largest employer concentrated place in the United States and a focal point of the petroleum and minerals industry in the United States.

Project Details

Denver City, Colorado will be shown a historic renovation, a historic symbol of the city: the El Jebel Shrine temple will be totally re-planning and brand positioning, becoming a 50-floor building with modern utilities, mall center, retail, restaurant, parking area. This construction has strong financial support from the federal government, the state of the United States.


Continuing the success of more than 30 projects developed specifically for the EB-5 program, First Developers LLC has become the pioneer and unique in the US which is in-depth experience in negotiating and acquiring, developing historical sites to become large apartments and commercial urban areas. First Developers one more time heartily renovate the 109-year-old temple into the tallest tower building in Denver City. The project attracts great concern of local authorities. The Regional Center for Economic Development of Utah and Colorado (Regional Center) approved the project as Golden Lamp Regional Center, LLC.

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