USIS has held successful the “Integration into The U.S. with USIS” training course

With a motto that: Our clients’ success is our own success, USIS strives to bring more and more added values to our clients. July 30th 2016, USIS has held a special training course for investors who want to be an US's citizen via their investment to equip them with full knowledge about the US, so that they can easily integrate into the life in the US.

The course was taken place from 8: 00 am at Grand Hotel SaiGon, with the following practical topics:

  • U.S. Taxation for investors
  • Oriented education for the investors’ children in the U.S.
  • L-1 Visa and the key for successful business in the U.S
  • How to earn money in real estate field in the US

Persons who directly imparted their knowledge at the training course were the leading experts in the U.S.: Prof. Dr. Henrik Tran Van Hien, Prof. Ha Ton Vinh, Mr. Chris Loc Dao – Chairman of USIS.

Prof. Ha Ton Vinh has experienced over 30 years in developing economic strategies; corporate reform; project finance. He is currently serving as the Chairman cum General Director at Stellar Education, Training and Management Consulting Institute, and as the Chairman of Premium Business Education & Training program held by California Miramar University (USA) in Vietnam.

He provided at the course with the most realistic information about the American education system, tuition fees of universities, education program in system of associate diploma, university, and postgraduate study. He also advised investors how to choose a school for their children, education orientation in the US for their child's future optimal choices. Additionally he also provided with some reliable websites for scholarships, to help the investors’ child obtaining the opportunity for opening the door of success via their education.

Giáo sư Hà Tôn Vinh

Prof. Dr. Henrik Tran Van Hien is an expert on tax and business management in the United States. He has spent over 40 years of living and working in the field of tax and business management consulting in the U.S. therefore he did understand the system of tax, audit, finance, incorporation and licensing in the United States. At the training course, he imparted valuable knowledge about the tax system in the United States such as: taxes, how to calculate tax and duty, the main income sources taxable, anti-money laundering laws…Thence, the investor will be better understood about U.S.’s tax laws – an issue which causing most concern while residing in the U.S.

Giáo sư Tiến sỹ CPA Trần Văn Hiển

The second topic that Prof. Hien presented at the training course is about L-1A Visa: What is L-1A visa, what is its advantage? And important topics such as: A summary of conditions for L-1A, a summary of conditions for green card, an economic bridge between the U.S. - Vietnam and green card, deadline to apply for a visa L-1A, approval period for filing with USCIS.

Giáo sư Tiến sỹ CPA Henrik Trần Văn Hiển

Mr. Chris Loc Dao has spent over 25 of living and working, investing in the US. Since 1993 he has served as a manager and operator of the companies founded by himself. He shared the important and attractive topics to for investors in the field of trade in real estate in the US. With his experience, He advised investors in real estate purchase and sale, real estate valuation, to make a comparison between California and the US markets. Training course content also includes the specific items close to the actual such as land & house purchasing and selling procedure in the US, to help investors get a realistic and the most specific view for the life in the US.

Chủ tịch HĐQT USIS Ông Chris Lộc Đào

In addition, to effectively support our clients, he also introduced the real estate services of USIS, the trusted partners of USIS.

Coming to the training course, initial concerns of the investors such as: How much tax do I have to pay, how much rent do I have to pay, how about security issues while trading in real estate in the US, how to make a profit on the capital amount in the US…were satisfactorily explained by the speakers.

The session ended successfully at 17:00 pm on that date. Most of the guests who attended the training course expressed their satisfaction with gained knowledge, and the thoughtful of USIS at the training course.

Your satisfaction is the measure of success, so that USIS can increasingly harder try and better serve our clients.

Chương trình Hội nhập Mỹ ngày 30.07.2016

Chương trình Hội nhập Mỹ ngày 30.07.2016

Chương trình Hội nhập Mỹ ngày 30.07.2016

Chương trình Hội nhập Mỹ ngày 30.07.2016