Canada And Things To Concern About Work Permit

Work Permit has long been considered as a travel document for laborers, foreign students coming to Canada to study and work. With a Work Permit, you will have more chances to be accepted at large companies and corporations without a differentiation in skills or profession from indigenous people. So, what is a Work Permit? How to obtain a Work Permit? Let us, USIS GROUP, help you find out benefits that foreigners have once owning a Work Permit in Canada.

What is a Work Permit?

Work Permit is actually a form of labor permission granted to qualified and skilled foreigners to work in Canada. In addition to workers, international students graduating in Canada also have the right to be granted Work Permit to continue graduate work in this country of red maple leaves.

How To Obtain A Work Permit?

As foreign workers

Foreign workers who want to apply for Work Permit must meet the following criteria:

Workers ought to receive an invitation from a business in Canada.

  • The enterprise in which the employee receives the job offer must sponsor and help the employee apply for a work permit.
  • Workers must ensure all health and background qualification once coming to work in Canada.
  • After the business owner commits to sponsor the employee, basically the employee will have been able to come and work in Canada. Some minor notes are that during processing documents, workers must pay an amount of 150 CAD/person to the Immigration Authority and a few other fees.

As students studying in Canada

Students studying in Canada have many options for Work Permit. This can be an Off-campus Work Permit, a Co-op Work Permit, or Post Graduation Work Permit.

  • For Off-campus Work Permit, this is a license that is always included in the study permit (must be still valid), so that foreign students in Canada can work part-time outside the campus naturally. However, students are only allowed to work up to 20 hours per week while attending school and full-time during scheduled breaks (usually summer vacation).
  • With a work permit for study (Co-op Work Permit), the study program which students are attending must have an internship option. This internship must not exceed 50% of the curriculum. However, this is only a work permit within the curriculum. Students are not allowed to work outside.
  • Final is a Post Graduation Work Permit. This type of license is more stringent than the above two. Students are required to continue a full-time program at a university/college in Canada and have completed the course for at least 8 months. In addition, students must complete, pass all subjects of the curriculum and have received a notice from the school that students are eligible to graduate, await to receive a degree.

Benefits That Foreigners Have Once Owning Work Permits In Canada.

Owning a Work Permit in Canada means you have become a legal worker in this country. You are entitled to work and are protected under the terms of the government. Enjoy an extremely good social welfare system, low-income workers in Canada will be entitled to benefits without tax, they also get a refund of the shopping tax.

If an employee is having a child, just rest assured that the child rights in Canada are extremely excellent, rated as the best in the world. Each family may receive more than $6,496 for every child under 6 and $5,481 for each child ages 6 to 17. This children support payment is tax-free to help families of Canadian workers feel peace to work. In addition, a Work Permit is also a springboard for you to settle down here, it is great to be able to migrate to Canada and bring your family with you.

Because of above rights and benefits, Work Permit is receiving great attention from foreign workers. In order to own a Work Permit in Canada in the most convenient way, it is better for employees to equip themselves with necessary skills such as foreign languages, skills and the orientation of companies and businesses that workers expect to join. Hopefully, the above share of USIS GROUP may be of help to those who are looking for obtaining a Work Permit in Canada better understand this great labor permission.