Change of the construction law
Changes to the Canadian National Building Code allow real estate construction and trading companies to build wooden buildings with a maximum height of 12 floors. The new rules double the height for buildings with a load-bearing structure made of solid hardwood or engineered wood.

In return for surrogating birth and donating eggs and sperm
Under the Reproduction Act, effective June 9th, 2020, there are clear regulations on remuneration for surrogate and sperm and egg donors, including travel, accommodation and meals, caring for dependents or pets and other items. The previous law, enacted in 2004, did not define legal and illegal expenditures.


Minimum wage increment
From June 1st, 2020, the minimum wage in this province will increase from $13.85 to $14.60 per hour. In June 2021, the minimum wage is expected to increase to $15.20 per hour.

No more health insurance premiums
B.C. eliminates health insurance premiums for residents of the province as of January 1st. The government says that premium waive of the Medical Services Program will save individuals up to $900 and families up to $1,800 per year.

New regulations on electronic smoking
The province will enact stricter regulations on the sale and promotion of e-smoking products due to growing concerns about the impact of e-smoking on health.
Among the new rules: the provincial sales tax on goods and services for e-smoking products will increase significantly from 7% to 20%. In addition, electronic smoking products require packaging to include health warnings, have a simple form and restrict advertising in places teenagers often visit.

Transparency about business owners and land owners
Changes to the Enterprise Act require that transparent corporate records include the legal name, nationality and address of the direct and indirect owners of the business, rather than just naming a numbered company. The Land Owner Transparency Act mandates that all required records must be made public.