Tran Van Hien

Prof. Dr. CPA Tran Van Hien has worked and lived in the United States for over 44 years. Therefore, he understands American society and has been able to work with Americans in many different professions and positions. As a CPA (Certified Public Accountant, the title as of global auditing accountant for strategic business leaders), he clearly understands the system of tax, auditing, finance, establishing a company, and obtaining certificates in the United States.

Since 1999, he has started working in Vietnam as the Director of associate programs for the University of Houston and as Chairman of the advisory board of a high school certifying US diplomas for students from Vietnam. From these two positions, he understands the US education from high school to doctorate, as well as how to prepare for US student visas, and what to do/learn to succeed in the US. In recent years, he has helped Vietnamese individuals and companies to invest, open companies, apply for L-1 visas, negotiate with customers, and register exclusive trademarks in the US.

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