Mr. Lincoln Stone is an immigration lawyer who pioneers in the field of EB-5 investment advisory with over 25 years of experience, successfully helped over 4,000 EB-5 clients (including those whose files were denied by USCIS); got honored twice by the U.S. President from American Immigration Lawyer Association for leaders and specialists in helping with EB-5 investment visa; made suggestions (approved by U.S. Congress) to expand scope of regulation of the laws and worked to promote EB-5 program to an unprecedented peak.


A specialist in U.S. Immigration and Nationality Act, member of State Bar Of California, Illinois State Bar Association (currently shut down as they moved to work in California).


  • From 2005 present: Operating lawyer and member, which specializes in immigration laws, of the Stone Grzegorek & Gonzalez LLP (formerly Stone & Grzegorek LLP), Los Angeles, California.
  • From 1999 2005: Exclusive lawyer of Lincoln Stone Law Company & FMS LLP lawyer group, Los Angeles, California, specializes in Immigration law for Investment and Business, and Real Estate and Commerce lawsuit.
  • From 1991 1998: Shareholder of Inman Steinberg Nve & Stone PC Corporation (partner lawyer, formerly IWS PC), Beverly Hills, California, specializes in Immigration law for Investment and Business, and Commerce lawsuit.
  • From 1989 1991: Partner lawyer and legal secretary of Antin Magasinn Stern Litz & Grebow LLP, Los Angeles, California, specializes in Real Estate and Commerce lawsuit.
  • 1985: Intern at O’Keefee Ashenden Lyons & Ward PC, Chicago, Illinois, specializes in Real Estate and Commerce lawsuit.

Experiences in working for the government.

  • Từ 1987 1988: Lawsuit lawyer at U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (Lawyer for Immigration Court of the U.S. Government), Los Angeles, California and Chicago, Illinois.
  • From 1986-1987: Legal secretary for American judge Robert A. Grant, North Indiana County and the Sector 7 Court of Appeal, outlined the legal opinions for U.S. Court of Appeal about Immigration laws and citizenship.
  • 1985: Intern at Lawyer Office of Bend city, South Indiana, research assistant on constitution and laws regarding metropolis, land use, and territories.

Academic level:

  • Bachelor of Business administration, Loyola Marymont University.
  •  Juris Doctor, Notre Dame Law University.
  • Master of Arts and Anthropology, California State University in Dominguez Hills.
  • Participated in the Master of Science of Global Health project, Northwestern University.
  • Professional consultant service Investor and Businessman.

Honored by the U.S. President from American Immigration Lawyer Association

  • For the leaders of the first EB-5 visa conference, from 2009 to 2010.
  • For the best service in the field of visa advisory for EB-5 investors. 2010 2011.

Chairman of the AILA’s national conference, EB-5 investment visa conference.

  • Bahamas, April 2012
  • San Antonio, October 2011
  • Las Vegas, March 2011
  • Boston, August 2010
  • San Francisco, October 2009

President and organizer of the thematic conferences about EB-5 Investment Visa (

  • Vancouver, June 2008
  • New York, December 2007
  • Chicago, October 2007
  • Orlando, June 2007

Chairman of the Committee of AILA’s national EB-5 investment visa, from 2001 2006; vice president, from 2012 2013, member for 15 years since 2001.

Immigration Committee for AILA’s national enterprises.

A member carrying out tasks for enterprises, from 2011 to 2013.

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