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Steiner Redevelopment project (phase 3) lies on Brooklyn Naval Yard (US government project). The project aims to redevelop the South West area of the Port into a new commercial and industrial center, including light industrial plants, retail centers, Wegmans food marts and parking lots.

  • Total cost: 149 million US dollars, which includes 50 million US dollars’ worth of EB-5 capital (accounts for 33%/the entire project)
  • Total EB-5 investors: 100
  • Total numbers of job offer: 1314 (the numbers that meet EB-5 demand are only 1000, redundant ones are 31%)
  • Investment expenses for the project:
    • From commitment fund: 99.074.894 US dollars (~66%)
    • From EB-5 investment request: 50.000.000 US dollars (~34%)



Project Details


1. Brooklyn Naval Yard:

Brooklyn Naval Yard is the largest industrial plant of New York City (next to Manhattan) and owned by the city administration. It is 37 hectare large, has 40 buildings, 3 piers, 4 busy wharves; currently this area has over 330 employment companies and over 7000 people in many fields such as industry, production and telecommunication.

- The success of former EB-5 investors in Brooklyn Naval Yard project:

  • 904 permanent green cards and 945 conditional green cards were granted.
  • 503 I-526 forms and 313 I-829 forms were approved (chance for 2 types to get approved was 100%)

- The Development at Brooklyn Naval Yard :

  • From 2001-2016: precise revenue increased by 1000%.
  • From 2001-2016: employees increased from 3,000 to over 7,500 personnel.
  • Total net worth increased from 163.73 million (2008) to 343 million US dollars (2016).

2. New York Regional Center (NYCRC) – project provider.

  • Specializes in providing stable and sound real estate projects, and create job offers (2 important elements) which helps EB-5 investors and their families settle down in US.
  • 100 projects approved by USCIS, and became the first in New York recognized by USCIS in 2008.
  • Currently, there are 20 projects and more EB-5 investors are being requested.
  • NYCRC’s achievements:

- Over 4500 permanent green cards were granted

- Over 5.300 conditional green cards were granted.

- Over 2400 I-526 forms were approved.

- Over 1500 I-829 forms were approved.

- On January, 2017, NYCRC completely returned 60 million US dollars’ worth of loan to 120 EB-5 investors (~500,000 US dollars / investor) of the Brooklyn Naval Yard project (phase 1) – the first project of NYCRC. This project helped 359 EB-5 investors and families get permanent green cards to US.

- On July, 2017, NYCRC paid off 65 million US dollars of capital to all 130 EB-5 investors through Steiner.

- Over 2,800 individuals invested in NYCRC’S EB-5 projects.

- EB-5 fund is kept in an assured escrow account until there is an approval of USCIS.


  • Developer: Steiner.

  • Architect and Historical Architect: S9 Architecture & Engineering.

  • Scene Engineering: AKRF Engineering.

  • Structure Architect: Robert Silman Associates.

  • Building Geological Technician: GeoDesign Incorporated

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